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Solar Vehicles Set to be Debut by Moroccan Students

The ongoing heroics of students from Rabat’s National School of Mineral Industry, who are preparing to debut a solar-powered vehicle designed for competitive team racing, affirm morocco’s commitment towards securing a brighter future.

“the gift of the Sun”, or Eleadora was unveiled by the students at the campus in Rabat, where they announced their intention to enter the vehicle into the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, holding in Australia this October. The Bridgestone World Solar Challenge is a premier showcase destination for innovations in solar-powered transportation, with participants mostly drawn from universities and corporations.

Renewable energy sources are a sweet and familiar subject for Moroccans. Not only are they building Africa’s tallest wind tower, but they are also building the continent’s largest seawater desalination station. Morocco already uses a solar-powered Solar E Cycle in waste collection. Talk about living in the future.

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