World Kidney Day 2019: 5 Hints on How to Keep Your Kidney Healthy and safe

Kidneys are very hard working organs and deserve the very best care. The kidney is shaped like a bean and it’s located on both sides of the spine, behind the stomach.

Kidneys are responsible for many functions that are very important, especially removing toxins from blood. Kidneys play an important part in keeping all your organs healthy by doing the following: removing waste from the body, mineral distribution, keeps the body alkaline, keeps the body’s fluid levels balanced, releases hormone that helps with building bones, regulating blood pressure, and other duties.

Though the human body consists of two kidneys, the body can still work quite well with only one kidney, as long as the kidney is healthy. However, some people don’t have healthy kidneys, and sometimes their kidneys stop working altogether.

As we celebrate world Kidney day 2019, The Foremag will be giving few hints on how to keep your kidneys healthy.

  • Be Hydrated

Hydration makes and keeps kidneys strong and helps prevents kidney stones. Minerals and salts cluster together to create kidney stones, when you drink plenty of water it helps prevent this from happening because the water dilutes the urine.

Although there is no strict medical guidelines available stating how much water and other fluids we should consume daily to maintain good health, it is often suggested that we drink 1.5 to 2 liters which is equivalent to 3 to 4 pints of water per day.


  • Eat healthy

Vitamins gotten from vegetables and fruits strengthen the kidney. Eating more greens and fruits is a great way to give your body the nutrients you need. Also, eating less meat is important as animal protein can cause issues for the kidneys. Majority of those who dwell more on meat have more issues with kidney stones. Eat more of low fat foods to cut your risk of high blood sugar and high blood pressure.


  • Avoid frequent use of pain killers

Constant use of drugs like non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or pain killers like ibuprofen, aspirin, and acetaminophen are hard on your kidneys and are likely to cause kidney cancer.

These drugs aren’t much of a risk if you have relatively healthy kidneys and if you only use them for emergencies however, if you have frequent pain, such as back pain inform your doctor to find a way to control your pain without putting your kidneys at risk. These drugs can cause harm to the kidneys if taken too often over a long period.


  • Frequent check of blood pressure

High blood pressure can lead to a stroke or heart attack, and it is also the most common cause of kidney damage.

When your blood pressure is from 140/90 and above, it is healthy to seek medical attention and monitor your blood pressure level often. High blood pressure is likely to cause kidney damage when associated with other factors like diabetes, high cholesterol and various cardiovascular diseases.


  • Live healthy

Exercising daily helps the keeps the body fit and prevents unwanted diseases or illness from the body system.

Living healthy helps your body takes away excess strain on your kidneys, thereby reducing your blood pressure and the risk of chronic kidney disease is also reduced.

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